Our material universe is an illusion of mind and sense perception that is contained by ego. The sense of separation portrayed by ego is a quality that creates a dance by giving us moving reference points within an infinite universe. Recognizing that each egoic universe is a very small part of the unlimited universe opens up dimensions beyond our self-imposed limitations. Yet, I suspect that the egoic universe is similar to a holographic representation of the infinite universe -- containing all of the information of the infinite universe no matter how small the egoic universe is.
Ego has a dualistic nature in the material world. It sustains itself here and is useful here. Yet, it is definition from the Void or "Oneness" -- separating us from the higher realms. It is the ignorance and the experience.

The psychic ("personal") membranes described in "Revealed" (below) are a manifestation of the ego, though I didn't recognize a label for them at that time since the experience was non-languaged. Ego tends to have a negative connotation, but it is not 'bad'. It can be sticky -- mindlessly attaching to other egos and objects outside of one's own universe. It's important to free the ego of these attachments and allow the universe within to expand. A healthy ego can contain a much larger universe to experience and allow easier access to the infinite.
The ego is unconscious -- it isn't who you are. Adyashanti said that enlightenment is seeing without ego. Yet, I doubt if it involves the destruction of ego. The collective ego is evolving. The enlightened human experience benefits from a pure and healthy ego until one decides to ulimately release back into the infinite.