It's Just A Perspective

British Columbia (Canada) Coastal Range from a C-182

This simple blog shares thoughts and experiences I've encountered along a path of inquiry into a sentient existence. It isn't intended to be a literary work -- the writings are not offered as teachings, nor are they profound, nor are they proofed carefully. Though it tends prone towards Buddhist philosophy, it isn't theistic or sectarian.   I'm not a psychologist, guru, or even a real monk.  My experiences, thoughts, beliefs and values are transient. They only represent a small sampling of what might be encountered within the human realm.

Beyond science and rational thinking is the frontier of what I call rational intuition - an area of understanding beyond the bounds of knowledge and short of unconsidered fantasy.  My method is to quiet the rational mind and feel into my intuitive mind.  From there, I extrapolate the information perceived in any way that might reconcile purely intuitive realizations with rational thought processes.

This work is a meditation.  There is a transformation in progress and this blog was started to share with friends and family some of the changes taking place through my own experience.   I find it useful to journal activities and inquiries to not only document the process, but to self-reflect and integrate the insights that are revealed.  Many of the insights seem less than profound -- things I've known all along.   Yet, through deep meditations and contemplations, what I've known all along rises to life and integrates more fully into my foundation of existence.  No knowledge or attainment is assumed.

We live the embodied life within the material realm of sensory perception and cognitive processes.   The masters tell us that the truth beyond this limited experience is within us.  Some say the truth is to be remembered rather than searched for -- perhaps, it's what we've known all along. Truth is often so subtle that sensory and mental cognition overwhelm it to create the illusions we often accept in proxy.

Finally, I want to thank and endorse those artists whose work I have re-purposed for this endeavor, usually without explicit permission.  I am fully amazed, as a scientist, to discover that the most profound insights received by my rational mind have already been realized and exchanged by artists.  How brilliant they are to create the illusions that enable our minds to perceive that which rational thought struggles to understand.  If I have used your work, my intention is to honor you and I would greatly enjoy hearing from you.

Enjoy your journey!

Lee Jensen, Ph. D.
Noetic Monk