You ask me for truth. 
Can you handle so rare?
It ain't always pretty
and packaged with care.

Sometimes it's ugly and dark as you dare.

So, bear with me, please.
I will gladly tell
the truth that you seek 
and deserve so well.

Offer compassion;  my soul, don't sell.

You demand to be equal,
I wonder why.
You don't need me 
to reach for the sky.

It's there for the taking; you just need to try.

You are my queen, 
my goddess and dove.
No better offer
has come from above.

Yet, I still wonder ... "Do you know love?"

I wish you were honest
I wish you were true.
I tried to support you,
I offered your due.

You were entitled; you left, I felt blue.

You showed up again;
I offered a ride.
The same old story;
you played to my pride.

I've nearly lost hope, for you by my side.

Where do we go?
I haven't a clue.
I believe I'd leave town, 
if I were you.

I hope that you find the truth that you're due.

I wish you were honest,
I wish you were true.
How much more havoc
must we ensue?

Who knocks now?  I still hope it is you.