Journey Home

You can behold the One Mind,
you can touch the One Thing.
-- Hermes

With a deep breath, I leaned backwards into an abyss. The body screamed, but couldn't hear. Beyond the senses, beyond intellect, beyond language and confusion, beyond time and dimension, Self was adrift in the emptiness of the void.

The ego had shattered. Self drifted, aligned in a softly radiant white light within the void. It was Source and we were One. Power, love primordial -- the tranquility was familiar.

Self drifted back out of One, returning to the void.   The ego began to reassemble.  The shattered pieces snapped together quickly, completely enveloping Self - reconstructing the membrane.  Rebirth into the body was experienced and I took my first breath.  I felt the boundaries of the physical form.

The I was recognized, refueled by Source.  My friends were in light and I held them.  It was only a short journey home.

Now, more than a week later, I watch myself continue the journey back to Self -- more layers distance me from Source.  The membrane strengthens as it reassembles.  There's an opportunity to examine many of the pieces as they fall back into place and, with some effort, I'm able to dissolve some of them.  Freedom, enlightenment, appears to be the ability to let go of the pieces -- there's a lot of confusion when they are in control.

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